Discover whether your exercise programme is completely personalised to you for optimal weight loss results.

Our vision is to help the
human race live healthier
and longer

Based on science and highly personalised approach we help our
customers live healthier and longer.

Our values

Passion &
Uniqueness &
Be human

Damir Pervan,
Founder and CEO

Damir is a Croatian entrepeneur, a published author and investor. He is passionate about building businesses from scratch and sharing his entrepreneurial insights with other entrepreneurs.

Why we do what we do

  • We believe that humans long for more human connection and real engagement more than ever. In today’s world of myriad AI fitness apps that produce generalised content even though they say it’s personalised, we want to deliver different and better online fitness experience to our customers.
  • We are so passionate about helping our customers achieve their fitness and nutrition goals and seeing them more happy and satisfied in their lives as a result.
  • This is who we are. We are a community of fitness and nutrition lovers.