An optimal weight-loss morning routine

An optimal weight-loss morning routine

Starting your day in the right way is one of the most important things you can do to have a productive day and boost your weight-loss results. This blog post will describe an optimal weight-loss morning routine you can adopt but have in mind that a more personalised approach is needed.

How you start your day sets the tone for the rest of your waking hours. If you start your day in a hurry or stuffing yourself with high-calorie food, this will have an impact on your weight-loss results.

The saying, No matter what type of food you consume and when you eat, as long as you are hitting your daily calorie intakeyou are good, is wrong. The quality of food matters considerably, and you need to make sure that you are consuming nutrient-dense food, especially in the morning.

Moreover, having a pre-set morning routine you can follow daily, consisting of daily meditation, prayer, reading, exercising, or listening to something inspirational, can be a real game-changer for you. Take care of your mind, and everything else will start going good for you.

Why morning routine is so important for you when trying to lose weight?

There are five main benefits of your pre-set morning routine:

  • It grounds you. In other words, it puts you in control by thinking about your health and well-being intentionally.
  • It improves your emotional health. When you take time to express gratitude, practice mindfulness, visualise your success or perform an exercise, you start to feel emotionally stable and resilient to future challenges.
  • It boosts your confidence to tackle your day. Starting your day in a disciplined manner by taking care of your mind and body first is a great recipe for a very successful and productive day.

To explore more of the benefits of morning routine, here is a great post to read Benefits of a Morning Routine.

The people who achieve their weight-loss goal accomplish that by sheer discipline, and there is no better time to start practising discipline than in the morning. In the next section, I will talk about a morning routine, especially for weight loss.

An optimal weight-loss morning routine

An optimal weight-loss morning routine consists of two parts:

  1. Mind
  2. Body

The mind and body are the key components of a successful weight-loss morning routine. They are interconnected and cannot be neglected or considered separately.

Let’s deconstruct each part in detail.

The mind

The mindset is everything. It’s the engine of any success in life, not just in weight loss. If your mind is not stable, clear and disciplined, you will struggle a lot with reaching your desired weight-loss target.

So what does it take to have a stable, clear and disciplined mind? It takes a well-structured morning routine.

Here is an example of one of our client’s morning routine:

  1. Wake up and drink one full glass of water.
  2. Write in a gratitude journal.
  3. Thirty minutes after waking up eat a healthy breakfast.
  4. Weight-loss visualisation practice+ 10 minutes meditation with Calm app.
  5. Read some inspirational book for 30 minutes.
  6. Exercise for 45 minutes.

Our client has been able to lose weight consistently partly because she follows her morning routine religiously. Another big contributor to her weight-loss success is a personalised approach in terms of exercise and nutrition.

It’s time to assess your morning start. How do you start your day? Is it in a hurry? Is it by checking your phone and social media content? If so, it’s time for a change.

Here are my six mindset tips for an optimal morning routine for weight loss:

  • Take time to wake up early. The people who wake up early usually live a longer and healthier life than those who wake up late.
  • The night before, put your phone in an aeroplane mode and don’t turn it on before completing your morning routine.
  • Incorporate a meditation or breathing practise into your morning routine. If you haven’t done it already, start small with just a few minutes per day and then increase the duration gradually.
  • Express gratitude, whether verbally or by writing it down in your journal. Be grateful for all the things you have in life. You have plenty.
  • Visualise your weight-loss success. In the blog post Visualise your weight-loss success, we describe how to do it in detail.
  • Feed your mind with positive and inspirational readings. Avoid reading news and social media in the morning.

The body

The body part we can divide into:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition


When you complete your personalised weight-loss exercise programme is up to you. However, I am a proponent of a morning workout. I found that when I exercise in the morning, the workout gives me an energy boost and makes me more productive during the day.

See for yourself if you can incorporate your personalised workout session in the morning and how it affects you.

What’s most important here is that your exercise programme is entirely personalised to help you achieve your weight-loss goal most efficiently. You can read our previous writings on this topic.


First, let’s start with hydration. While at sleep, your body undergoes the gradual dehydration process. This is why it is so important to hydrate yourself just after arising in the morning. One full glass of water will do the trick.

Next, breakfast. I advise strongly to leave a min of 30-45 min after you wake up before having breakfast to let your sleep hormone level drop.

Here are some valuable tips:

  • The optimal breakfast for weight loss consists of nutrient-dense foods rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Example: eggs, Greek yoghurt, oatmeal, berries, etc.
  • It’s prudent to keep your calorie intake for breakfast below 300 calories when you want to lose weight.
  • Smoothies are also a great option for breakfast, but make sure to pay attention to the high-calorie ingredients. The calorie threshold of 300 can be applied here.


How you start your day matters, especially when your goal is weight-loss. Starting your day in a stressful way can have a big impact on your weight-loss progress. If you don’t follow any structured morning routine already, why not start tomorrow?

Start small, choose from the list in mind and body I laid out above. The most important thing is to be consistent. If you do this, you will start seeing results in your mindset and with your body.

You will lose weight and never look back.

Until next time,

Damir Pervan, Founder and CEO of TrainChampion | Online weight-loss platform

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