Can a micro-workout help you lose weight

Can a micro-workout help you lose weight?

Micro-workout is a short and intense exercise routine usually lasting about a max of 10 minutes. Some experts call them nano-workouts. In this blog post, we will see how micro-workouts are effective when weight loss is a goal.

The basic weight loss formula is: increase your daily energy expenditure and keep it above your daily energy intake. Micro-workouts help do just that by adopting a high-intensity workout structure.

You can do a micro-workout that lasts 1 min or 10 min, but the trick is to work hard. As a result, you suppose to sweat more than in a regular one-hour workout. Micro-workouts are usually for people with the excuse I don’t have enough time.

Micro-workout for weight loss

The science has confirmed that HIIT is highly effective for weight loss, and micro-workout structure can easily adopt the HIIT training. However, if you are a complete beginner regarding exercising, I suggest avoiding micro-workouts until you learn the proper form with a traditional moderate pace workout.

If you have training experience and know the proper form of performing exercises, the micro-workout structure could be a solution to lose weight. To lose weight successfully, as mentioned, you need to increase your daily energy expenditure. You can do that using micro-workouts however exercising for 10 minutes daily is not enough if you don’t lead an active lifestyle.

Micro-workout will help you lose weight only if you take care of the basics like sleep, hydration, active and healthy nutritional lifestyle. Moreover, a personalised nutritional programme to support the micro-workout structure needs to be designed.

An example of a HIIT micro-workout

Here is an example structure of a whole-body HIIT micro-workout:

ExerciseWork duration+ restTarget muscle
Wide push-up30 secondsChest
20 seconds rest
Floor Superman30 secondsBack
20 seconds rest
Dumbbells Shoulder Press30 secondsShoulders
20 seconds rest
Barbell Bicep Curl30 secondsBiceps
20 seconds rest
Narrow push-up30 secondsTriceps
20 seconds rest
Abdominals: Leg raises30 secondsAbdominals
20 seconds rest
Bodyweight Squat30 secondsLegs

The above training structure is called a short aerobic interval training, and you can read more about it in our blog post: High-intensity interval training for weight/fat loss.

Another type of micro-workout

There is another type of micro-workout that you can employ in your busy life. However, this type of workout, just as a micro-workout kind described above, is not enough to lose weight if you don’t have the basics in order.

There is a short article on Men’s Health with performance and conditioning coach David Jack who explains the micro-workout stretched over the entire day. Jack explains that taking a few minutes every hour or so to do some kind of exercise activity can keep your mind fresh and body engaged.

For example, you can do ten push-ups every hour, or ten sit-ups. The purpose is to stretch a workout into an entire day by accumulating repetitions. Another example is: Jog for one minute in place, then do ten push-ups, ten bodyweight squats, ten sit-ups. Repeat this routine every hour or so.

Here are my thoughts on this type of workout. I believe these micro-workouts have potential to inspire you and set you on a more active path. But to lose weight, you need more than this. Weight loss is not easy. You need to be self-disciplined and determined. Regarding the micro-workout stretched into an entire day, the proper gradual warm-up and preparatory stretches are omitted. Hence, my scepticism towards it.


Micro-workouts with the HIIT background, have the potential to help you lose weight but you need to take care of the basics first. Leading an active lifestyle, sleeping well, drinking plenty of water and adhering to a personalised nutritional programme are all habits that are essential to a successful weight-loss.

Every exercise effort matters. The most important thing is to start exercising regularly and make this your permanent lifestyle.

Until next writing,

Damir Pervan, Founder and CEO of TrainChampion | Online weight loss platform

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