Happy New Year and welcome to our platform version 3.0

Happy New Year and welcome to our platform version 3.0

Happy New Year and welcome to our platform version 3.0. I am so excited to reveal to you what we have been preparing for you for the past month. A little bit later I will tell you what is new and what’s in it for you. We have added a ton of free tools to help you with your weight loss. But I am getting ahead of myself…

2020 is now behind us. We all had our fair share of difficulties and troubles. It’s so humbling to see how many things are not in our control. The only thing we are in control of is how we react to what happens to us. We have the free will to take whatever action we want to take and then believe we will get the expected outcome.

This is a New Year, a clean slate, a blank sheet of paper. You are the author of your book of life. What are you going to write this year?

All our outside problems fall into the second plan when we fight a health issue. We can all agree the greatest asset we have is health. A healthy person has thousands of wishes but an ill person has only one. To get better.

In 2021, it’s important more than ever to take care of our bodies by regularly exercising and practicing healthy nutrition. I hope you are determined and ready to lose weight this year and become a healthier and happier person. I believe we are happier people when we are fit and strong. So commit this year to lose weight once and for all. We are here to help you.

So what is new on our platform?

Like I have mentioned in the beginning we have added a ton of free valuable tools. These are:

  • Five mistakes people make when they try to lose weight free e-book.
  • The weight loss action checklist.
  • The weight loss vision card.
  • The wheel of weight loss.
  • The total daily energy needs calculator.
  • The weight loss 3-steps action planner.
  • The weight loss process flowchart.
  • My food journal.
  • 7 myths/lies about weight loss.
  • The active lifestyle designer.
  • The nutritional lifestyle designer.
  • The experts write blog compilation e-book, Vol 1.
  • The healthy weight loss meal designer.
  • The motivational posters.
  • The Sunday reflection grid.
  • The weight loss manual free e-book.

You can download all these tools FOR FREE at https://trainchampion.com/free-tools.

From other novelties, we have added a free quiz for you to find out whether your exercise programme is completely personalised to you and if it is not, we suggest what action you can take.

Moreover, users can track their weight loss trend with our smart weight log-in feature that signalises to Trainer where he needs to intervene and give a client further guidance. You can all try out this feature when you sign-up for a free 1-week trial.

We have improved the chat feature as well and our platform performance. So much value for you.

The mission of the TrainChampion is to help millions of people to lose weight around the World with the new and completely personalised approach by harnessing the expertise of the fitness experts around the world.

The path ahead

In this New Year, I would like if you all commit, but really commit, to get in the best shape of your life no matter what happens to you. Make your health a priority and see your productivity and overall happiness skyrocket.

Here is a psychological trick I want to share with you that I have been using in my life and our company. Each time I face some difficult task, a task/activity that I know deep down I should do, but I am feeling kind of lazy, I tell to myself this statement,

Do it for others who love and care about you. Do it for the future generations that will come after you. Remember, every action or inaction has some reaction or consequence down the line. Everything affects everything in ways that we humans can’t fully comprehend.

Use your external motivation, meaning, your loved ones who only want the best for you and for you to be the healthiest person, remember them next time you struggle with being consistent with your personalised exercise and nutritional programme.

I want to give you a FREE GIFT that we designed for you. It’s called TAPPING INTO MY MOTIVATION free tool. This free tool will help you to discover what really motivates you and how you can use this insight to lose your weight this year.


Tapping into my motivation pop-up

Once again, our Team and I from TrainChampion wish you all the best and success for this year. If you need help with achieving your weight loss goal, we are here to help. We will be adding more valuable tools this year and keep serving you.

This year will be EPIC,

Damir Pervan, TrainChampion, Founder and CEO.

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