How not to gain weight during this holiday season

How not to gain weight during this holiday season

The holiday season is one of the most challenging times for most people to navigate if the goal is to lose weight. We can easily be carried away with the festive atmosphere that we forget to pay attention to what we eat. This is what gets most people in trouble afterward and then trying to lose those few kg-s in New Year. It’s better to prevent than to cure.

In this blog post, I will direct your attention to types of the food that you need to be mindful of and I will provide some practical solutions. Let’s dive in.

What type of food you need to pay special attention to this holiday season

Christmas and New Year holiday season is marked with big parties and most of the time overeating. We accumulate unnecessary calories by eating food that we know it’s not the best for us.

When we talk about Christmas food and drinks, it’s prudent to decrease the portion size or completely cut out the consumption of:

  • Mince Pie (1 piece or 165 g = 477 calories)
  • Plum pudding (1 piece or 7.5 cm in diameter= 125 calories)
  • Homemade Yorkshire pudding ( 100 g= 191 calories)
  • English Trifle (1 cup or 140 g= 365 calories)
  • Festive Game Pie (100 g = ~ 340 calories )

What about drinks? Christmas cocktails are especially in trend. Did you know that cocktail on average has about 150 calories per serving? Most of the cocktails are full of sugar with calories that are not beneficial to you and will not bring you closer to your goal.

Some practical suggestions

We as human beings have a hard time saying no, when we have peer pressure, meaning when our friends and family are saying yes.

We need to look at our broader picture and our goals and ask ourselves, Does this food or drink take me closer to my goal? If you know the answer is no, then tell your friends and family that you are on your weight loss journey and that they need to respect your decision. If they get angry with you or cut you out, you don’t need those friends because they really don’t support and care about your fitness. Your family hopefully will understand and support your decision.

If you are really committed to achieving your weight loss goal, you will need to practice your self-control during this holiday season.

Here are some of my practical suggestions for you during this holiday season:

  • Watch your calorie intake and energy expenditure. If you stop exercising over the holidays but indulge in Christmas treats, it will hinder your progress or cancel out completely your previous weight loss results.
  • Be active, especially during the holidays. Go on walks, hikes, and keep up with your personalised exercise.
  • As mentioned before, be mindful of your food portion size. This little habit can help you boost your weight loss results and set up a healthy eating regime.
  • Remember your weight loss goal each time you grab a portion of food and ask yourself, Will this food bring me closer to the achievement of my goal? If not, leave it. Your body is a temple and until you start treating it like that, you will struggle with losing weight.

These practical suggestions are not necessarily easy but are so powerful if implemented. Losing weight is not easy if you are not willing to make a sacrifice, adopt healthier choices. To effectively lose weight, you need to practice your self-control and there is no better time for self-control practice than Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Happy holidays,

Damir Pervan, Founder and CEO of TrainChampion

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