How to aid your weight loss at home during the coronavirus pandemic

In this blog, I go over some tips, on how to stay on top of your weight loss goals during this isolation period. There are just 6 simple steps that you need to follow.

Step 1: Consistency is key!

80% of your weight loss goals will be from your nutrition! The number one fat loss rule is a calorie deficit! Try to cut out all processed foods, eat your veggies and eat clean proteins, and try to stick to unrefined carbohydrates. Keep processed sugar to a minimum, but don’t go extreme, allow yourself to have treats!

Step 2: Keep Active!

We are currently allowed one form of exercise per day, and even if that means getting outside for a walk. Keeping active is essential for our health and your weight loss goals. HIIT interval training is also the best form of exercise at home for weight loss.

Step 3: Portion control!

You may be less active now you’re working from home! See below an image for an idea on portion control to help keep you on track! Less activity… means less energy expenditure! So fewer calories burnt!

Step 4: Are you hungry or thirsty?

Sometimes you may think you’re hungry but actually you may need fluid instead! Find ways to distract yourself, or brew a cup of herbal tea instead! Pukka is a great brand.

Step 5: Plan your meals!

Being isolated can be very stressful. During these times it can be easy to turn to alcohol or your old snacking habits to deal with the stress.

Sit down and plan out what you have in your cupboards, and what you are going to cook for the week. Write down your meals for each day and continue as usual. Also factor in what healthy snacks you want to eat, as this will help you stay in control.

Step 6: Manage your stress

Often when we’re feeling stressed or anxious we resort to habits that distract us from the feeling we’re experiencing. For example, we might look to food to give us comfort, or alcohol to relax.

To avoid emotional eating, you need to learn ways to be comfortable with your emotions – this is where mindfulness can be super helpful, but it does take time and practice.

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