Is your weight-loss approach sustainable

Is your weight-loss approach sustainable?

Is your weight-loss approach sustainable? Or you are looking for a quick-lose-weight scheme? If you seek the latter, let me prove in this blog post that a sustainable weight-loss approach is much better than a quick-lose-weight approach.

When approaching weight loss, your goal should always be to lose weight in a sustainable way. This means adopting daily healthy and nutritional habits that stay with you for the rest of your life. One of those habits that I recommend is exercising regularly (you can exercise daily, which I highly recommend. Something is always better than nothing) and eating nutrient-dense foods.

Let me first describe two weight-loss approaches that people usually take:

  • Quick-lose-weight approach
  • Sustainable weight-loss approach

Quick-lose-weight approach

I define the quick-lose-weight approach as focusing on the fast short-term gains by engaging in artificial supplements or quick methods that promise immediate results.

This is an approach that many people take but end up disappointed with the later unwanted consequences. Every shortcut in any walk of life brings some undesirable effects. Weight loss is not any different.

Let’s take as an example: weight-loss supplements. I expressed my concern regarding weight-loss supplements in one of our previous blog posts. The truth is that there is very little scientific evidence showing that weight-loss supplements work, and their manufacturers rarely carry out clinical trials. If people do manage to lose weight, 80 % of them end up regaining their lost weight.

On another front, we have a quick-methods like engaging in high frequency of cardio training to lose weight. Although cardio is an excellent training method for increasing energy expenditure, it should not be taken to the extreme. The most efficient method for losing weight in a sustainable way is a mixture of cardio and resistance training (the right balance). You don’t want just to lose weight; you want to preserve your muscle mass in the process, and solely engaging in a cardio workout is not optimal.

Conclusion: Quick-lose-weight approach should be avoided.

Sustainable weight-loss approach

A sustainable weight-loss approach consists of a careful balance between cardio and resistance training in sync with a healthy and balanced nutritional programme.

Let’s elaborate on this approach.

What do I mean by a careful balance between cardio and resistance training? Specifically, to lose weight in a sustainable way, you need to follow a personalised exercise programme consisting of a balanced ratio between cardio and resistance training intensity. You can read our previous blog posts to learn more about different cardio and resistance training methods. Furthermore, resistance training needs to ensure you maintain a healthy muscle mass in your weight-loss process

A healthy and balanced nutritional programme supplements your balanced exercise programme. Both nutritional and exercise programme needs to be personalised to you.

In essence, the sustainable weight-loss approach is about the long-term. It’s about asking yourself repeatedly, “if this what I am going to do right now will benefit me in the future (years ahead)”? If the answer is no, don’t do it. For example, deciding not to eat that McDonald’s fast food meal is a pretty easy choice because it will not benefit you in the long-term, especially when you want to lose weight.

Is it obvious which approach you should take?

I hope by now you realise that the healthiest and beneficial approach to weight loss is a sustainable one. Make it your priority to improve your lifestyle by incorporating healthy, active and nutritional daily habits into your life.

In the same way, follow your personalised exercise programme regularly and make it a habit, no excuses.

If you do this, you will lose weight and live a happier and satisfied life.

Until next writing,

Damir Pervan, Founder and CEO of TrainChampion | Online weight-loss platform

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