Lose weight on the TrainChampion platform

Lose weight on the TrainChampion platform

TrainChampion is an online weight-loss platform, a community of fitness experts who help people lose weight in a completely personalised way. We believe that the best weight-loss solutions are entirely personalised to an individual. Moreover, we see repeatedly how poor the job the app algorithms do with helping people lose weight. It’s not engaging and it’s rarely effective.

Ability to connect with experienced fitness experts and hear their guidance in real-time is priceless. It’s human and real. It’s more engaging and raw.

The slowest path to achieving any goal is to figure it out on your own. However, the quickest path is connecting with an expert in that field and letting him or her guide you step by step. The same is with weight-loss; expert weight-loss personalised advice is the quickest way to hitting your weight-loss target.

Here in this blog post, I will take you behind the scenes and show you the advantages and benefits of losing weight on our platform. Let’s start.

What is the real value of the TrainChampion platform and how we are different from other companies?

The real value of our platform is in our trainers, the humans behind it. It’s not our technology. Instead, our experts gladly share personalised advice and unique knowledge with our customers every day. It’s that human touch.

We are different from other companies in many ways; some of them are:

  • An entirely personalised weight-loss exercise and nutritional programmes, and experts’ on-going guidance and feedback.
  • We are focusing only on helping people lose weight and nothing else.
  • We are bringing down the cost of personal trainers and nutritionists substantially. We believe that personal trainers and nutritionists should be affordable for everybody.
  • We are on a mission to create multiple income streams for the fitness experts that join our platform. Some of them are personalised weight-loss guidance and programming, writing a paid Experts write articles (still to come), helping fitness experts create and sell their own weight-loss digital products (yet to come).
  • More.

Get started for free

So if you have a weight-loss goal in mind and you feel determined and ready, I invite you to sign-up for a 1-week trial and receive your free personalised exercise programme.

Personalised exercise and nutritional programme look

On the home page, put your email address in the field, and you will be in straight-away. Once you are in, the first step is to go through your assessment process by answering about fifteen questions about you, exercise and nutrition.

TrainChampion assessment process

An assessment process is very important since we need the data to start formulating your personalised exercise and nutritional programme. When you finish with the assessment, you can pick your free trial and then your assigned fitness expert will contact you and schedule a further consultation video call if needed.

We ask new customers to put their credit card before they start a free trial (they are not charged during the free trial week) to see how serious and determined they are. We want only people who are serious and ready to lose weight. In other words, our customers are people who want to lose weight desperately. That’s it.

Personalised exercise and nutritional programme

After you finish your video consultation call with your assigned fitness expert, you will receive your personalised exercise and nutritional programme within 24 hours. Even though your fitness expert designs a personalised exercise and nutritional programme for a month, you will get your personalised programme week by week. This is because we want you to focus on only one current week and nail it.

Depending on your selected monthly plan, you will have different benefits. Please take a look below.

TrainChampion benefits

Monthly progression calls, unlimited chats and weekly progress check-ins are such valuable features with the sole purpose of holding you accountable and engaged. If you are not engaged and held accountable (by yourself or by others) on your weight-loss journey, you will struggle.

The tools inside the platform to boost your weight-loss results

While following the personalised exercise and nutritional programme that fitness expert designed for you, you will be asked to log-in your weight only once per week, so we know you are going in the right direction.

Moreover, you will have access to the My progress sidebar, where you can track your exercise completion rate and your weight-loss trend.

Our educational hub is there to support you when you struggle with exercise performance. It will teach you how to execute each exercise correctly.

Lastly, our Feedback to Trainer feature is handy for our customers as they can give their feedback on their exercise and nutritional programme very fast.

Besides all these tools, there are Experts write blog, free tools tab, Friday Fitness Bit educational weekly emails. So much value on our platform.

So I am inviting you to check out our platform and start your weight-loss journey today.

Until next time,

Damir Pervan, Founder and CEO of TrainChampion | Online weight-loss platform

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