Lose weight with an effective lifestyle changes

Lose weight with effective lifestyle changes

In this blog post I will write about an effective lifestyle changes that will help you with your weight loss. You see, we can exercise and eat pretty healthy but if this doesn’t become our lifestyle, we may end up bringing our weight/fat back. Many people try diets, they may lose weight but then the weight/fat comes back. Why? Because this was just a short-term fix and not a habit lifestyle builder. When we adopt more healthier and active lifestyle, it slowly becomes our mindset. They say that difference between a successful athlete and unsuccessful one is simply the mindset. The mind started thinking on a different level by accumulating habits that get success consistently over and over again.

Why is so hard for humans to change?

Change is hard as we all know. We know what we should do but we end up not doing it. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because of some perceived risk or fear that we have regarding the change. If we do this, what if it doesn’t go as planned? What if I fail? What if…. One theory that I like is that it’s easier not to change. Change requires work. Established habits are hard to break.

Actually we should be asking ourselves, what if I change this and it does work, what if it’s a success, what if I do this and I lose 5 kg…Perhaps we should remind ourselves of the downside of not doing the right change/behavior. If I don’t incorporate this change into my life, where this leads me, what is the worst case scenario. I bet the worst case scenario is worse than a change. Now let’s dive into some specific lifestyle changes.

Basic lifestyle changes for a weight/fat loss

Every weight loss solution turns around a fundamental, simple but for people very difficult concept to implement. It says, if we expend more calories than we take in and we do it consistently over extended period of time, we will lose weight. This is the nature’s law and thinking the opposite or try to ignore this law, is fools errand.

So, we need to adapt more active lifestyle. The trick is to make it more fun and natural as it can be. Let me give you an example. If walking to you is boring, put headphones and listen to your favorite music, podcasts or do the work, phone calls.

I will split the lifestyle changes into two different groups: home lifestyle changes and work lifestyle changes. Then we will talk about each in detail and I will provide plenty of examples.

Home lifestyle changes for weight/fat loss

Let me first define what I mean by home lifestyle changes. Home lifestyle changes are changes that you do in the period while you are off work.

The average person is at home approximately 16 hours/day so what we do in this timeframe can affect our weight in a major way. For people who especially do their work while sitting for 8 hours, adopting more active lifestyle outside their work is crucial. Let’s start with the basics. In the table below, I provided some home lifestyle changes breakdown.

Intentional walking for 1 hour at a pace of 4.8 km/h.
Avoid driving a car or public transport, when you can. Walk instead.
Take stairs instead of lifts.
Do some social sport activity like football, basketball etc.
Avoid sitting or lying on the couch after your meal. Go and take a walk instead, around your house or outside.
If you are sitting in your house watching TV, get up every 30 min.

You can incorporate many more lifestyle changes when suited. You can get creative as well. The purpose is to always keep expending our energy/calories increasing our energy expenditure. Consistent healthy habits over time is what gets us success. Let’s now see what lifestyle changes you can do at your work.

Work lifestyle changes for weight/fat loss

This section is especially important for people who are working while sitting in front of their laptops. Spending 8+ hours sitting in front of our laptop can have a long-term consequences. When you are thinking about a possible consequences of your lifestyle, always extrapolate those consequences over the long term. For example, a glass of hot chocolate may get you pleasure in short term without any short-term consequences but if you have hot chocolate every day, when we extrapolate consequences to long-term view, this choice may not be good for us. Makes sense? Let’s get back to our work lifestyle changes for weight loss. Please take a look at the table below.

If you can get a standing desk and work while standing. Or you may get those slow treadmill desks where you are slowly walking and working.
If you are sitting at your desk, get up every 30 min. Set-up your alarm. Go and take a sip of water. Stretch for a bit.
Don’t use your lunch break eating at your desk. Use your lunch break to eat and then go on a walk outside.
When making phone calls, why not take a walk around and answer those phone calls.
If your company offers some active social activities, join them.
Instead of having seated meetings, why not have standing meetings?  

Work lifestyle changes are as much as important as home lifestyle changes. People work hard that they neglect their health and well-being. You should work hard but not at expense of your health. If you are in the office or at home working, try implementing ideas in the table above. Furthermore, you can get creative and create your own work lifestyle changes.

The key solution for losing weight is creating and sticking to sustainable active lifestyle changes. Always be thinking in long-term periods. Little sacrifice practiced every day can lead to some amazing results later.

Bonus tips and tactics

Here are some bonus tips for adopting more active lifestyle for weight/fat loss:

  • Track your lifestyle changes in your journal or an app on your phone, every day.
  • Start small and add one healthy lifestyle change per week.
  • Visualise your healthier self as you start implementing your selected lifestyle changes. Let that vision of yourself play in your mind over and over again.
  • Have a family powerful reason in mind. Let me explain. When it’s hard for you to implement that lifestyle change, think of your family and do it for them. Our families can become some powerful inspiration behind our actions.
  • Find an accountability buddy. Let your colleagues hold you accountable at work and your family member at home.

In conclusion, my hope is that you will adopt more active lifestyle, especially, if you are struggling with your weight. I have given you some guidelines here but you can come up with your own lifestyle changes that will get you closer to reaching that weight/fat loss goal.

Until next writing,

Damir Pervan, Founder and CEO

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