The basic principles of achieving fitness goals coupled with full personalisation

The basic principles of achieving fitness goals coupled with full personalisation

In every industry and walk of life, we have the basic principles when applied will produce results 99% of time. These principles are set by nature. In the fitness industry, these basic principles are governed by the laws of the human body. We will talk more later on how we can apply these basic principles in order to achieve our fitness goals. Another concept I would like to introduce is full personalisation. The basic principles coupled with the concept of absolute personalisation is what will produce the results faster. Let’s explore these basic principles.

  1. Principle of caloric balance

Caloric balance refers to the number of calories you take in comparison to the number of calories you burn. Calorie deficit happens when the food calories you take in can’t keep up with your body’s energy needs. Calorie surplus happens when you consume more calories than you burn on a regular basis. Lastly, you are in balance when calorie intake and output are equal. This principle will affect the achievement of your fitness goals.

 2. Principle of overload

This principle means that the body will adapt to the workload placed upon it. When we stress the body through lifting a weight that the body is unaccustomed to lifting, our body will react by causing physiological changes in order to be able to handle that stress the next time it occurs.

 3. The usage principle

This principle explains that your muscles build strength (hypertrophy) with use and lose strength (atrophy) with a lack of use. This also explains why we lose our muscles, and progress in general when we stop exercising.

4. Sets & reps principle

If we want to achieve certain goals, let’s see how many repetitions we may need to target. As our master trainer, Adonis pointed out in our previous post, for strength and power: 1-6 reps, for mobility: 3-6 reps, for muscle hypertrophy: 6-12 reps, for muscle endurance and muscle toning: 12-20 reps, and for general endurance: 20+ reps.

Let’s talk about the concept of full personalisation, now.

Full personalisation

By full personalisation I mean tailoring your calorie intake and exercise regime in order to achieve your goals. Calorie intake tailoring is a process of finding out what your body adopts well and what kind of food works for you. You know yourself the best. You know your allergies, nutritional history. Remember your preferences for food need to stay inside your daily personalised calorie intake depends on your goals.

How about tailoring your exercise regime?

Tailoring your exercise regime is selecting the exercises and load that will create needed psychological stress in order for you to achieve your fitness goals. Again, you should take into consideration your exercise history and experience. Oftentimes you will need to experiment to see which exercise patterns work best for you. Furthermore, you will need to target muscles from different angles to induce new stress on your system that will favor further progress.

In summary, there are basic principles that we need to follow if we want to achieve our fitness goals. If we take it one step further and couple those basic principles with full personalisation concept we will achieve our fitness goals faster.

Damir Pervan, Founder and CEO of TrainChampion

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